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Armos: our story

With just six employees, we may be a small forwarding agency, but we have strongly anchored roots. Armos has been active since 1994. The Greek founder of Armos, Georges Liocouras, did not simply pick the name out of a hat. ‘Armos’ is the Greek word for anchorage: a place where a ship finds rest and shelter after a long journey.

Armos worked in close cooperation with a major Greek shipping company for a long time. As a result, the agency focused on sea freight to the Mediterranean regions, including destinations on the Mediterranean and adjacent African coasts.


A story of loyalty

Throughout those years, Armos could count on loyal customers who relied on the expertise of Georges and his forwarders. Georges could count on this loyalty due to one core quality: he treated each customer as if they were his only one.

But the loyalty was mutual. Because when Georges reached retirement age, he decided to transfer his business to someone else so that his customers could continue to rely on Armos’ services. Similarly, he made sure not to abandon his employees.

In June 2021, Martijn Noé took over the helm from Georges. They had known each other for years, from when they both worked in the same building. At the time, Martin was mainly active as a shipping agent and shipbroker. But he did not hesitate for a moment when faced with the opportunity of taking over Armos. He recognised that this was how he could develop his expertise further. Moreover, he knew Georges had built his freight forwarding agency around loyalty and customer-oriented service, values that Martijn also considers important.

A story of partnerships

After taking over, Martijn decided it was time to venture further than the Greek waters and explore the rest of the world. He ensured that Armos became part of two recognised agency networks. Thanks to these networks of approved and reliable logistics partners, Armos now has contact points at ports around the world. With this and the accompanying know-how, Armos quickly grew into a forwarding agency shipping containers and general cargo worldwide.

In addition to being Armos’ Business Manager, Martijn continues to operate as a shipping agent under the name ‘Ship-Shape’. Straddling both areas of expertise, he offers you, the customer, a total package.

Internationale zeevracht

A story of passion for the profession

Today, our forwarding agency consists of a team of motivated forwarders. Their strength lies in their expertise and experience and their desire to provide you with the best service. And Georges? He still keeps an eye on things and assists the team as their first port of call for advice.

This is the team that steers your freight to the right place at the right time.