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freight forwarder

Your goods delivered to the destination on time at a competitive shipping cost. That’s your priority. And that’s exactly what our freight forwarders will arrange for you. For this, they will use their expertise in commodity logistics via sea freight to make sure it’s all plain sailing for your freight.

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Your personal freight forwarder

As a freight forwarding agency, Armos cannot lay claim to being the biggest player in the market. That’s why we choose to focus on quality rather than quantity. We ship and handle all types of goods such as steel, wood, recyclables as well as project cargoes. Either as general cargo or by container. What’s more, you will have your personal freight forwarder as a point of contact.

Thorough knowledge of your file

Your freight forwarder knows your file in and out. For us, you are more than a customer. You are, above all, a partner for whom we’re happy to go that extra mile.

Focused on solving problems

Perhaps things are not on track as they should be? In that case, your personal freight forwarder will bring you in the loop immediately and come up with an appropriate solution. Because open and above-board communication is the mainstay of a good partnership.

Advisory role

Armos’ biggest asset is our extensive knowledge, which we are more than happy to share with you. So if you’re feeling all at sea about international shipping and everything that goes with it, let us know and we’ll help you find your way.

Your forwarder will take care of every aspect of your freight shipping
. You can count on 
a personalised approach focused on 
your needs and wishes.

Freight forwarder for general cargo and containers

1 - global forwarding

We ship your goods by sea freight to wherever you want. As a part of multiple agency networks, we are in close contact with reliable logistics partners around the world. As a result, we have a contact point at each destination to make sure your shipment goes smoothly.

2 - pre- & oncarriage, storage, loading/discharging

Even before your goods are shipped, they have already travelled a long way. We also take care of all the planning involved for this. From the pre-carriage of your container or general cargo by lorry or lighter to temporary storage to loading on the freighter. All you need to do is: entrust the job to us.

3 - customs formalities

Export and import involve the inevitable customs documents. So besides arranging for the shipment, your freight forwarder will also take care of all these customs formalities, in cooperation with our customs agent.

About imports and air freight

Our expertise lies in the shipping of steel, wood products, recyclable goods and project cargoes via sea freight globally. But what if you want to import or send goods as air cargo? In that case, we will also handle these freights for you with the greatest care.

our partner between ship and shore

As a forwarder, Armos arranges the transport of your freight. In addition, our team works closely with shipping agent and shipbroker Ship-Shape. In this way, Armos always has the right man in the right place. As a shipbroker, Ship-Shape looks after your interests. It acts as the link between ship and shore, keeping a close eye on your sea freight at all times.

Let your forwarder take care of 
your sea freight

With Armos as your freight forwarder, you’re guaranteed: